5 Best Web Development Courses[2020]

Full stack web development is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative and fast-growing web development career paths.

You’re looking for a course to learn Web Development and with so many courses online, you don’t understand what to choose.

Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed it down to just the best courses for web development out there. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate level developer already, we’ve got the right courses for you to become an expert.

This course is perfect for beginners. If you are new to Web Development, you should definitely try out this course. It is a very comprehensive course with over 50 hours of content. It can take you from a beginner(if you are) to a pretty high level web developer.

All the lessons in this course are thoughtfully crafted and packed with knowledge. You also get to work on projects and exercises for practice and helps retain the concepts better.

Major Topics Covered:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap 4
  4. Javascript with ES6 Syntax
  5. Advanced JS and DOM Manipulation
  6. jQuery Basics
  7. Backend Stack with Node, Express and MongoDB
  8. ReactJS

Angela Yu


Angela is the lead instructor at the London App Brewery. She has over 450,000 students on Udemy and an instructor rating of 4.7. All of her courses have lots of explanations and animations for easy understanding.

What's Great About This Course?

  • You Get Lifetime Access.
  • The Material Gets Updated With No Extra Cost.
  • Certificate Of Completion.
  • You need zero Programming Experience to enrol.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Angela’s teaching style is truly amazing. She makes great efforts to make the course interesting.

What Isn't Great About This Course?

  • The course is perfect for beginners. If you’ve had some expereience with Web Dev, it might not be very helpful.
  • The instructor is not very active in the Q&A Section.

» Review By Lachlan Fleet


I have done a number of courses. All of the instructors are very good at what they do but for me, Angela is the best. She explains things in a very easy to interpret way and all her demos crossover into real life scenarios. I am now onto my third course taught be her!

» Review By Jose Murillo


I think is the best or one of the best general programming courses in Udemy. Very instructive, well prepared, with lot of work and and documentation. Angela make it very enjoyable and fun.

» Review By Umar Shakil


THE BEST course I have taken on Udemy to date. Extremely well structured and rich of in-depth content. Angela has combined the topics and practical challenges very well. I felt enthusiastic and engaged throughout the course. Highly recommended!

Duration: 53.5 hrs of Video Content + 8 Coding Exercises

Students’ Rating: 4.7

Price: $10

In my opinion, this is the best Bootcamp for Web Development.  They go so far to guarantee, “Get a Job, or get your tuition back”.

This Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who has decided that Web Development is their career. It covers every topic in depth right from beginner level to advanced topics like React and Asynchronous JavaScript.

Over 80% graduates from Thinkful’s programs, get a job within 6 months after graduation. $21,137 is the average salary hike of graduates.

Major Topics Covered:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. Git and Github
  5. AJAX
  6. Node.js along with PostGres and MongoDB Backends
  7. Testing with Mocha and Chai frameworks
  8. React and Redux
  9. Some Advanced Topics like Data Structures and Algorithms

What's Great About This Course?

  • 100% money-back if you don’t get hired within 6 months after graduation.
  • You get partnered with a mentor who has experience in the field.
  • You get to work with a career coach for upto 6 months or until you’re hired.
  • Over 80% got hired within 6 months after completing the courses.

What Isn't Great About This Course?

  • The high price of the Bootcamp is definitely concerning.
  • Tuition Refund Guarantee:
    • Getting a full refund if you’re not hired is not going to be easy.
    • You can check out the full list of qualifications to get a refund here.

» Review By Jared

Overall Experience:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Instructors:               ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I took the Engineering Flex course. It wasn’t quite what I expected going into it. It is a lot of information and a lot of reading going into it. Also, there will be some outside studying you need to do to really grasp the concept. Overall I found it really helpful and am really thankful for the course as it taught me a lot! The best thing about the course is definitely the mentor sessions or a least the mentor I had. He was very helpful and would go out of his way to make sure you understood the concepts. 

Duration: 24 weeks with 25-30 hrs/week

Students’ Rating: 4.6

Price: $7,000

Bootcamps are indeed costly. This is a budget option for all those fine folks out there who cannot spend dedicated time on a bootcamp and are looking for a more flexible option.

This is not a single course but a pack of 4 courses from the same instructor, Jonas Schmedtmann.

He covers all the topics in these courses clearly and as in depth as possible. In his courses, he also explains the inner working of the programming languages.

You could say that this is the “Budget Bootcamp”.

Major Topics Covered:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS – Flexbox, Grid Layout and Sass
  3. Javascript with ES6 Syntax
  4. Asynchronous Javascript
  5. Modern Javascript: NPM, Webpack, Babel
  6. Backend Stack with Node, Express and MongoDB
  7. Credit Card Payments with Stripe
Jonas Schmedtmann

Jonas Schmedtmann


Jonas is a full-stack Web Developer and Designer. He has over 800,000 students on Udemy and an instructor rating of 4.6/5. All his premium courses have earned the best-selling status for outstanding performance and student satisfaction.

What's Great About This Course?

  • You Get Lifetime Access.
  • The Material Gets Updated With No Extra Cost.
  • Certificates Of Completion.
  • You Need Zero Programming Experience To Enrol.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • All Courses are taught by the same instructor.
  • Bootcamp quality at Nominal price.
  • Great Community.

What Isn't Great About This Course?

  • If you are looking for Bootcamp quality, you get almost everything except Mentor Support.

» Review By Anthony Acosta

This is the best course of all Udemy man, he explained a lot of stuff that you can’t actually see in other many courses.

I mean, thanks to this man I got a job, for real, he is one of a kind and so talented god-gifted to teach his knowledge, recommended 100%.

» Review By Steven House


Another great lecture series from Jonas. I’ve learnt a lot. I will sit down and re-arrange the 3 pages Jonas helped me build to make my own design. Of course I’m a bit tired and head is full of stuff but I’m confident most of it stuck and I can always come back here for a refresher.

» Review By David Kelly

Amazing course, Jonas&Team made a great work! The best course i’ve been taking online.

It would be great to insert more challenges (maybe also for the theoretic sections).

Thank you!

Total Duration: 110 hrs of Video Content

Avg. Student Rating: 4.6

Total Price: $40

This Nanodegree Program is perfect for someone who need Bootcamp Curriculum and Perks but need a Flexible Option.

Nanodegrees from Udacity come with a great reputation. Udacity was started by two Stanford professors with a goal to bring affordable education to anxious learners all around the world.

The program is well structured and each lesson is packed with quizzes that let you practice the concept. The course also comes with many industry level projects that will be reviewed by professionals.

Major Topics Covered:

  1. PostgreSQL
  2. SQL Alchemy
  3. SQL Alchemy ORM
  4. API
  5. Flask
  6. Authentication and Authorization in Flask
  7. Docker
  8. Deploying to Kubernetes using AWS

Amy Hua - Udacity

Amy Hua


Amy has 6+ years of experience as a software professional, building everything from data visualizations to self-driving cars. She’s been a bootcamp instructor, StartupBus mentor, and Girls Who Code instructor.

Caryn McCarthy - Udacity

Caryn McCarthy


Caryn has worked as a software developer and as Coach and Experience Manager at Code Next at Google. She is passionate about diversity and equity in tech, is always working to create positive impact in the tech industry and the world.

Gabriel Ruttner - Udacity

Gabriel Ruttner


Gabe is the CTO at Ursa & Tech Advisor for Start-Ups. He has expertise in building cloud-based machine learning and natural language processing services at early stage tech companies. He holds technical degrees from Cornell University and Stony Brook University.

Kennedy Behrmann - Udacity

Kennedy Behrmann


Kennedy is a veteran consultant and author, specializing in architecting and implementing cloud solutions for early-stage startups. He is experienced in data engineering, data science, AWS solutions, and engineering management.

What's Great About This Course?

  • Unlike a Real Bootcamp, It’s Flexible.
  • You will have a mentor who helps you thoughout the course.
  • The instructors at Udacity are professionals with great experience in the field.
  • You get job assistance to increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Career Assistance professionals also review your resume and Linkedin profile.
  • Certificate from Udacity

What Isn't Great About This Course?

  • The course curriculum is not to the extent of some Online Bootcamps.
  • Udacity’s perks are beneficial only for those looking to make a career out of these skills. It might not be well suited for those learning out of interest.

» Review By Trinity S.

It really helped me establishing foundation on backend development and database and it was really great to have experience with python.

» Review By Odunayo O.


The course is well-structured. The videos are short and straight to the point. Also, I like the project and the community is always there to help at anytime

» Review By Shubham Patil

Highly interactive course. Along with theoretical and practical knowledge, I came to learn a lot about good practices to be followed while coding.

Duration: 4 Months at 5-10 hrs/week

Students’ Rating: 4.6

Price: $399/Month

This Specialization has mixed reviews from many students who completed the course. But unlike other courses and bootcamps in this list, it is taught by a professor.

It is an intermediate specialization, ideal for all those who’ve already been doing full stack development for a while now. Upon completing the projects and course lessons successfully, you will recieve a Certificate from Coursera.

Major Topics Covered:

  1. CSS
  2. CSS Preprocessors – Less and Sass
  3. Bootstrap 4
  4. Node.js and NPM
  5. React
  6. Redux
  7. React Native to create Cross Platform Apps
  8. Expo SDK
  9. Express.js
  10. MongoDB and Mongoose
  11. Backend as a Service(BaaS)
Jogesh K. Muppala - Coursera

Jogesh K. Muppala


 Jogesh is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the School of Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University in 1991.

What's Great About This Course?

  • You get a Certificate Of Completion
  • All the Courses in the Specialization are taught by the same instructor
  • Great Community

What Isn't Great About This Course?

  • Courses on Coursera aren’t updated very often. Some of the code in this Specialization is outdated.

» Review By Lee H.

The lecturer is very clear on every step of the learning process, is super responsive on the discussion forums, and everything he does, he explains well before doing it. Highly recommend this course.

» Review By Albert V C.


The course is not perfect but you’ll learn a lot, including Redux if you don’t know it yet. There are minor issues that could be improved but overall I totally recommend the course. You’ll be ready to build React Native apps after completing it!

» Review By Shijith M

This is really good course to understand the concept of NodeJs and Mr Jogesh has explained in earch and every bit of the code.Really worth it and appreaciated all who all worked behind this course.

Duration: 4 Months at 11 hrs/week

Students’ Rating: 4.7

Price: $49/Month or Apply For Financial Aid


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