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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is APlus Courses?

At APlus Courses, we analyze and review online courses so that learners can choose the course that best fits their goals.

What Are Advantages Of Online Learning?

  • Flexiblity
  • It costs less
  • Chance to network with peers across nations
  • Access to Expertise

Do All Courses Provide Certificates?

Many of these courses provide a certificate and we explicitly mention it in the course review.

Are These Courses Self-Paced?

Most of these courses are Self-Paced and have no Live Classes. Although some Bootcamps that we review may be scheduled.

Are You Affiliated With Any Course Providers?

Yes. The links for some courses are Affliate Links and Signing Up through those links helps support the website.

Why Don't You Mention Prerequsites?

We are working on it and very soon all the reviews will mention prerequisites for the course.